Azerbaijani Racers


The car site turbo.az deserves the reward for outstanding dynamics. Just listen, it broke into the top 10 of the most visited automotive sites in the world. It sounds insane and amazing. The traffic of the resource from such a small country caught up with the oldest and most famous platform auto.ru. It seems that when buying a car, Azerbaijanis immediately put it on sale, and look for a new vehicle via turbo.az. The website has a bright and modern outlook.

The position of the American Kelly Blue Book kbb.com has dropped the most. It is dropping for the third month, maybe because the users are gradually flowing towards its mobile applications?! And it is sad because the website provides an expert estimation of the old car or suggests fair prices for the vehicle that you are decided to buy.

We would like to highlight the languages of the top sites. The Chinese market is large and entirely concentrated in the hands of bitauto.com, the traffic of which is comparable with the following 4 top participants combined. By the way, the last of them is Chinese taoche.com still lags behind the king of the Chinese car market by five times. But the market will change, as evidenced by the weekly growths of several Chinese car sites - lmjx.net (16 positions), xgo.com.cn (15 positions), cn2che.com (7), 51auto.com (11), pcauto.com.cn (10). Perhaps in a year’s time the top 20 will include more than 2 Chinese sites. It is surprising that the top 100 has only 2 Spanish sites - forocoches.com and coches.net. Both of them have dropped in rankings, maybe because the separation of Catalonia distracted the locals from buying cars.

The Russian market is also quite large and is concentrated around 3 top websites - drive2.ru, drom.ru and auto.ru. All three sites are among the 10 most popular sites in the world.

All German and French sites saw a dip in ratings last week, maybe because it’s off the season. We will let you know when the trend will change in the next reviews.