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  Free Online Movies category lists the sites for watching movies, TV shows, cartoons right in your browser. The site pulls together the most popular films, which are not available on YouTube or social network resources.

  We are confident that every week there will be a lot of newcomers and exciting events in this category. All the more pleasant to review this category first.

  Let's start with the sites that gained less traffic compared with the last week. Interestingly that these include mostly Arabic sites shahid4u.com (it dropped by 22 positions per week), dardarkom.com (4 positions), cima4u.tv (3 positions per week and 12 for 30 days). In general, a monthly dynamics of Arab sites look bad. We can only guess why. Maybe it was the Muslim holiday, which fell out at the first part of September or the overall strained political and economic situation which influenced the ranking.

  Two anime sites kissanime.ru and gogoanime.io showed the most significant drop in the top 20 rating. It’s worth to note that kissanime is hosted on the Russian domain while being entirely in English. Apparently, it was hard to stand for .com. By the way, the traffic of these sites flowed to 9anime.to, which was becoming popular among Google search users, this often happens. The site jumped up to the 22nd position and expected to reach the top 20. It’s also worth noting the steady interest of Russian in the Japanese drama series. We are wondering why these films touched the "russian" soul. By the way, the site doramatv.ru climbed 12 positions in a month and 7 in a week. Everyone watches Dorama.

  We will wait for new interesting sites.