FIFA-stability from Electronic Arts


  Last week, the most stable growth was demonstrated by the sites which are somehow related to football. In our opinion, the release of the eighteenth part of the famous football series FIFA was the catalyst for the rise of Electronic Arts and its sites ea.com and easports.com. Users' interest began to grow long before the release (24.09) and markedly increased due to the possibility of pre-ordering the product, which in addition to the standard bonuses allowed the "hungry" for playing to enjoy the game 3 days earlier.

  Of course, the game also has its e-sports side. For example, Electronic Arts annually conducts an interactive world championship in the FIFA series, where fans can compete online. We believe that the resource futhead.com overcame 39 positions of our rating just after the release of FIFA18, not by chance. The site is dedicated to FUT-FIFA Ultimate Team, in which teams are put together from random "cards" of known real players' profiles and compete in online tournaments, earn points, buying new players or decks with cards with random football stars.