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FIFA-stability from Electronic Arts

Last week, the most stable growth was demonstrated by the sites which are somehow related to football. In our opinion, the release of the eighteenth part of the famous football series FIFA was the catalyst for the rise of Electronic Arts and its sites ea.com">ea.com and easports.com">easports.com. Users' interest began to grow long before the release (24.09) and markedly increased due to the possibility of pre-ordering the product, which in addition to the standard bonuses allowed the "hungry" for playing to enjoy the game 3 days earlier.

Azerbaijani Racers

The car site turbo.az deserves the reward for outstanding dynamics. Just listen, it broke into the top 10 of the most visited automotive sites in the world. It sounds insane and amazing. The traffic of the resource from such a small country caught up with the oldest and most famous platform auto.ru. It seems that when buying a car, Azerbaijanis immediately put it on sale, and look for a new vehicle via turbo.az. The website has a bright and modern outlook.

Everyone Loves Movies

Free Online Movies category lists the sites for watching movies, TV shows, cartoons right in your browser. The site pulls together the most popular films, which are not available on YouTube or social network resources.

Demonstrative referendum and 59 victims in 10 minutes

Several global news agencies appeared in Winners & Losers this week. The traffic of American cnn.com, nytimes.com, British bbc.com and Chinese news portal xinhuanet.com has sharply increased by tens of percent. The reasons for the increase are well-known, as all these resources covered two events.

Copied Popularity!?

The American studio Epic Games and its official resource epicgames.com came as a big surprise. Isn’t it amazing to get into the first "twenty" out of top 100 outsiders in a month, jumping through 78 positions?

Championship and China`s Legends

A trio of top 20 growing sites is associated with the same product. Websites leagueoflegends.com, riotgames.com, and lolesports.com are for those people who are excited with the MOBA-game "League of Legends". Few would dispute that the product from the American Riot Games has become famous and reasonably popular cybersport discipline cross the world, being on the same level with CS: GO and DOTA 2 from Valve Corporation.

Cursed Mods

This week we have a newcomer of top 50 games sites – curseforge.com. It leapt 45 places to 45 spot. And compared to last month, it has surpassed 50 sites. The website is a library of mods.

Batman and Basketball

The site batmanstream.net jumped up 11 positions again this week. Remember last month it was still struggled to remain its position in top 100. Now it is one of top 50 most visited sports streaming sites. But why there is such a significant hop to the top?

Watch Online or Download It?!

Some users enjoy watching movies and videos online, while there is a group of people which prefer to download the videos. Sometimes maybe files download is not available on the site, or it’s not free to get data directly from the resource. We are so lucky that we have torrents and engines to download data by request!