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Resource 4chan.org refers to the category of image boards, that is a kind of Internet forum where various graphic files are attached to posts. The site is divided into several dozen thematic sections, where you can anonymously post your messages: Anime and Manga, Video Games, Flash, Technologies, Science and Mathematics, Food and Cooking, Music, Literature, Fashion, Fitness and so on. It should be noted that the resource was developed under the influence of the Japanese imageboard "Futaba Channel". Hence the appropriate design of the site, as well as a large number of sections devoted to anime and other attributes of Japanese culture. It is also important that the first image boards appeared just in Japan.

As already noted, the resource assumes anonymity, that is, you do not even need to perform registration and specify any data about yourself to post your message. You can respond to interesting posts by entering into a dialogue with their author or other users.
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