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About is the website of Blizzard Entrainment, maybe the most well-known game-developer enterprises in the world. Players can watch the in-game footage and trailers of studios great works. It has included all the games made by Blizzard. To name a few examples, like Overwatch, Warcraft, and Hearthstone. Some of the games are free to play, however, some of them should be bought before the installation. In the shop, people can purchase games and download them via the Blizzard client. Besides, they can also buy real things like clothes and statues on it.

There are a vast world and lore behind every game. Blizzard fans can learn stories and background settings on the website. If they are interested, they can even find a job on it. People can also watch e-sport matches on it, or be chatting with other fans in its forum. No matter what country are you from, as long as you enjoying the products created by Blizzard. is always your home. rating in top 5 countries
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