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About, also known as ETNEWS, is a famous news community website in Taiwan. was founded in 2011 by Eastern Media International corporation. The site combined news in politics, life, sports, games, real estates and many other fields together. Media partners came from all around the world including, Phoenix Television, BBC, Sino Microblog, Business Week, National Geographic and so on. The web design is entirely different from those Chinese mainland news sites, more casual and informal. Ads took a significant place on the home page. Through clicking the “News Overviews” button, the news will be arranged according to the released time and categories. Visitors can easily find the news they want to read. There’s a unique color for each category. Except for the news from official sources, ETNEWS also hired some writers to read their original news comments and articles, and the readers are allowed to write comments below the news. Although the primary function of ETNEWS is reporting news, the website is actively trying other new fields, such as “BOBA”—a live show section, “On Sale”—shopping section and “Big Lemon”—its own forum. Other fields include fashion, travel, film, television, etc. rating in top 5 countries
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