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The website is dedicated to Japanese animated cartoons, which, unlike other cartoons, are addressed to adolescent and adult viewers. This is the reason why anime is very popular all over the world. Here, anime is mostly represented in the form of soaps and feature films. At this website, there is a huge catalog of animated cartoons, including those dedicated to love, relationships, and romance.

On the main page, you can find the most popular anime, as well as novelties. If you run into this website because of curiosity, in order to know and understand the anime better, the list and a convenient search system will surely help you to find a demanded video. In addition to a video content, it is possible to read the ‘manga’ (Japanese comics) or read the news of Japanese animation. At the forum, it is always possible to discuss an interesting topic or episode from a cartoon with other users. rating in top 5 countries
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Cole D2019.05.17

The best site for sure! Anime, manga, forums, drama, and more – I spend lots of time here!!


Do you love anime? It’s here! There are a lot of anime!!!! Cute site for watching online in high quality!!