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PopAds is a world-famous advertising network interacting with such formats of the advertisement, as "popunder" and "clickunder". It is a work place for the advertisers from over fifty countries who are using this platform successfully for effective promotion on the Internet. Participation in advertising campaigns on PopAds is available for any websites with a sufficient volume of "good" traffic, the type of their content doesn’t matter. First, cost of traffic depends on the geographic localization of the web site (for example, shows in the USA are usually more expensive than shows in the Runet). Also, it depends on the date, time and many other factors. That’s why the prices are constantly changing. The advertisers can interact with the platform using an original auction. In frameworks of this auction, advertisers can choose the price they can pay for the advertisement. Of course, the traffic of better quality has a higher price. Advertisers can also use a comfortable targeting, protection from the frauds, simple and precise statistic tools.
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