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New kinds of advertisement regularly appear on the Internet. However, "popunder" remains a very spread type of advertisement. Popunder is a system of commercial banners. When the users open a particular website, the banner appears. When the user clicks this banner, it opens a specific window of the browser. These banners are placed utilizing partner programs. Advertisers pay to the website`s owners, and the owners add a small JavaScript code on their pages. The website PopCash.net is a popular international platform for these partner programs between the advertisers and those who are ready to place the advertisement on their resources. So, functional of the website is divided into two categories: “Publishers” and “Advertisers”. Minimal deposit for the advertisers is only 5 dollars. However, they are offered traffic of "good" quality, targeting and statistic tools. The publishers are provided with quick confirmation of the domain, and an opportunity to withdraws sums from 10 dollars. Both the publishers and the advertisers can receive a detailed statistics.
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