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About is a well-known game streaming platform. People enjoy watching streamers playing games while chatting with their fans.

Gamers from all over the world parts are gathered here and share the joys of games together. To perfect and advance the experience of all the users, twitch has a lot of languages can be chosen.

Twitch has an extensive collection of games so that each user can find their favorite game to watch. If they see the streamer is exciting, attractive and have a style, users can choose to follow this streamer or subscribe their channels (this feature require money). Users can chat with other audiences or interact with the streamers. Besides, if they think only words cannot express their love to the person, they can donate money through Twitch systems. Famous streamers can receive a considerable amount of donations from their fans.

Twitch is also operating a store, and people can buy T-shirt, caps, and glasses in it. Of course, they all have twitch’s logo on it. rating in top 5 countries
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