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It looks impossible nowadays to meet a person, who did not hear of "A Game of Thrones"(AGoT) book cycle, HBO series or of George Martin`s "A Song of Ice and Fire" (ASoIaF) universe. Everybody knows a person, who is fond of George Martin`s writings. So, of course, you know that all key events and activities of these books took place in a fantasy world and mostly on the continent called “Westeros”.

So, the website Westeros.org is a place for people excited or inspired by “ASoIaF” storyline/lore and got fond of it. Besides, other George Martin`s works are presented here too. On this resource, you can find the last news about your favorite film and book series, read electronic versions, find out info about video games related to the "AGoT" universe, to look the gallery of photos and visit a lot of useful associated links. Also, there is a forum for fans, and users looking for communication and like-minded people within the framework of “ASoIaF” lore issues.
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