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The website has been top-rated for a long time, and hardly lose its dominance among information portals soon. It is a reputable, truthful and wide-spread source of information for millions of internet users all across the globe - a universal virtual encyclopedia. Everybody is able to write and edit texts on Wikipedia platform. The content of the site is considered to be free, so people can use it in different ways without violating the copyright.

In this encyclopedia, it is possible to find nearly everything about everything: biographies of famous people, information about the pieces of art, descriptions of different objects and phenomena, and many others. The only serious disadvantage is that ordinary users can create the content for Wikipedia. Although the articles are checked by other visitors of the website and editors "patrols", you can’t regard Wikipedia as a maximally truthful resource, because of peculiarity mentioned above. However, due to the ordinary people’s articles, Wikipedia has grown into a massive encyclopedia with a significant volume of information. rating in top 5 countries
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