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Zhanqi.tv is a live-streamed website in China, and its slogan is “Live for Gamers”. Nowadays, everyone has the opportunity to become a broadcaster. Zhanqi.tv always keeps improving itself. And it has devoted itself in game streaming, combined with sports, shows, entrainment and other kinds of streaming. The ultimate goal is to bring most brilliant contents to its users.

Zhanqi has opened a shop on its website, and people can purchase decorations, name changing service and real goods like clothes in it. The biggest part of the income of the site is the gifts paid by users. Zhanqi.tv has covered all the most popular games at present regardless of the game types. It includes online, web/browser, and mobile games. The site also has an interactive app. So people can watch the streaming on their smartphones at any time, the app also enables broadcasters to open live shows on their phones. Except for the regular streaming contents, Zhanqi.tv also made an online show called Lying Man. It invited a group of famous broadcasters to play the popular BRPG Werewolf together. This show was a huge success, and the site has gained considerable fame from it.
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