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The site Zoopla.com.uk is presented by its owners, as a resource with the complete information about all the United Kingdom`s offers of rent and sale of the real estate. It is difficult to confirm this by 100%, but the site is a unique one of the most visited and extensive real estate online platforms in the UK.

Here, hundreds of thousands of ads for the sale or delivery of apartments and houses for rent are available for users, with detailed characteristics and clear photos of each object. Zoopla relies on transparency and maximum objectivity of the info, offering each user the possibility to easily and efficiently explore the actual real estate markets state in the UK and Northern Ireland. On the site you can also find a suitable realtor, which will help you to inspect the object and make a deal. In addition to real estate directly in the UK, the site offers various facilities in several other countries (for example, in Spain, France, Portugal, USA, Italy, Turkey, etc.).
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