Exploring the Universe with Our List of Websites!

  A modern community can’t do without a constant Internet surfing. Just count how many hours you ‘invest’ into this pastime. Our ratings are destined to help you to orient in this vast reality.

  We introduce an extensive rating, covering all the most popular resources valuable for all Internet surfers, globally. Top positions belong to well-known giants. Remember google.com? Every day it is flooded by millions search queries, so its leadership is well-deserved. However, we apply to the Internet not only to search but also to entertain ourselves. Videos are one of the methods, welcome youtube.com in the rating. And how could we live in the global network without chatting with the entire world? Say hi to facebook.com.

  However, the list is not confined to internationally known and rated services. We consider all potential leaders, and no doubt you will meet ‘all shades’ of favorites, previously unknown, though rather popular in a particular region.

  In the Middle of ‘Nowhere’ with Best Websites

  So, what ‘jungles’ can you get to with the fair wind of our list of websites? The main role belongs to websites that have a wider ‘readership’. Thus, English-speaking services like those from the U.S. surpass all-time records. It is simple – the more people you reach, the more popularity you get in response. The result is numerous Chinese-language websites presented in the list of the most visited ones. As for Russian services, they provide a credible alternative and are obviously in demand. Speaking of other representatives, we can see more ‘exotic’ ones, such as Japanese or Indian, however, they are still appealing to the audience.

  Easy Access on All Levels with the Best International Websites

  So, what spheres are we covering? Almost all ‘angles’ of your life, with no exaggeration. The first thing we think of is your pace of time. We just can’t spend hours for shopping! It explains a high demand for Stores & Purchases. Advertising and Security & Protection subcategories provide a lightning-fast access to software, services, and the whole companies, caring for your branding and PC safety, accordingly. Categories ‘to relax’ (Music along with Movies) provide all kinds of amusement. Moreover, a modern person should be highly accessible. That is why we need Social Networks in the rating – to keep in touch. Constantly.

  So, with our visited sites, you can get to know how to belong to the whole globe!

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