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  If the question ‘what is computer and what to do with it bothers you, you’ve opened the right article! Our project picks out the most trustworthy and useful resources for your needs.

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  If you a happy owner of Linus devices, you will be glad to find out linustechtips.com. Presenting itself a big forum, it covers lots of topics: technical news, computer hardware, peripherals, hobby and consumer electronics, etc. The resource delivers not only information and chats but streams, store, blogs, gallery, and download. So, it can be called an informative and multifunctional service with a simple and customized interface! We recommend it!

  Look for low-cost and high-performance computers with guides and detailed how-to’s? Let us present you raspberrypi.org. We’re almost sure that you haven’t heard about it before because it’s a true innovation, aiming at putting the power of digital making and computing into hands of ordinary users. Well, it intrigues for sure, and it’s not in vain! Its small and affordable computers are easily used for programming because they dispose own teachers and learners, books, volunteer-led clubs, events, blogs, online courses, and much more. What an eye-catching resource!

  Can’t cope with TV and media streamers? We know what you need – flatpanelshd.com. It’s your guide with recommendations, reviews, articles, news, and forum on technology, flagman TVs and monitors, and manufacturers. We appreciate the way the service is organized as it has lots of categorized and colorfully presented content. Whatever topic or review you open, you’ll see a lot of details, prices, and dealers.

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