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  Enjoy reading? Then you will be delighted to reveal free eBooks Internet sites that contain various genres and topics: from fanfiction to education! Our project would like to be helpful for you by offering the most thrilling and impressive resources.

  With popular free ePub books, everyone will be able as to get access to great archives with files to read them online, so share reviews and recommendations, get the latest updates and new chapters, and become informed of your favorite works. The best sites are rated for you so that everybody could write own books to present them online, be a part of reading community, and even participate in cute challenges! With such services, you will become a member of this creative community and gain unforgettable experience or just have a good cozy evening while reading. It’s up to you!

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  The Best 10 EBook Websites in the United States!


  If you adore fanfiction with all your heart, unleash your imagination with the help of It renders as online books, so a cute forum to express your ideas and impressions with other readers. One of the most imposing features of the portal is its Fiction Press that updates all the most significant news on the home page. Thus, it represents a kind of an online fanfiction book club, also including plays, anime, comics, etc.


  Want to become acquainted with the world’s most-loved storytelling platform? We’ll give you this opportunity due to Having 70 million readers in the United States and worldwide, it allows writing eBook stories, publishing them, and getting produced to a film or a movie. The resource also showcases by its writing contests, annual award programs, hand-picked reading lists, and an eBook reader community!


  Prefer the world’s eBook library to ordinary sites? The platform impresses by more than 4.8 million books, 75 million articles, and free files! A user might choose between a common or advanced search, supposing a full-text option as well. The site use is convenient owing to categories and Z-library. The project also includes top, recently added, and most popular free books online.


  Can’t wait to read novels online? The resource is full of daily updated Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and other web books. Look through latest releases or completed novels to be up-to-date! The portal looks well-organized as it offers a comfortable novel list and lots of genre categories. It’s your chance to enjoy free online romance books!


  The website constitutes a cloud library catalogue that is open and edited! It allows searching by genres and subjects like art, fantasy, science, recipes, history, and much more. Thanks to a nice site navigation, you have to press ‘Borrow’ that reminds of an ordinary library, though this one requires registration and logging in. It gives not only free books to read but loan and list them as you like.


  If you need great textbooks online, is here to discover learning materials, share knowledge, and build educational communities in the United States. The quality of presented books is imposing: high-grade, openly licensed, and peer-reviewed, supposing that they are available in all existing formats. A great benefit is that you can get free eBooks on any subject or theme you are keen on: from Prealgebra to university Physics.


  Are you interested in free publishing and book share tools? Here is a mine of them at the website They will do for tutorials, business, guides, scientific researches, and creative activities since they dispose an unlimited volume, HTML5 only, and a display in a browser window without downloading! Besides, all popular documents in a free ePub are categorized as top 100 of the day, last added, top 100 of the month, etc. so that you use the best services!


  The platform is nothing else but an eBook online manager that is regarded as a must-have for computer experts and ordinary users. It serves as a kind of software, which saves time of book collecting, viewing, downloading magazines, backing-up your library, editing books, and so on. All in all, this portal represents one-stop solution for any ePub download needs!


  When you search for free online novels, is at your disposal! Action, adventure, romance, fantasy, martial arts – these and many other diverse topics are represented on this portal. New chapters are updated within a day, that’s why you will always be aware of free online romance and all-genre novels! Sign in for more options at hand!


  Feel difficulty in choosing free eBook download sites? Here is the one for you ‒ serves as a search engine, offering lots of categories and tags: business, novels, magazines, study, etc. As the service strives to be a customized one, it features recently viewed eBooks, top 10, latest added, and even the most active users! In addition to the main options of free eBook download and search engine, it grants to share books as well.

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