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United States

TOP popular Music sites in United States

  Amazing U.S. Music Websites for a True Melomaniac!

  If you can’t imagine your day without songs, radio, or other audio formats, you are most likely a true melomaniac who enjoys top music sites. If it’s really so, you have opened the right page – we will show you the world of high-grade tracks presented by different genres and available as for listening, so for downloading. Get ready to become lost in our U.S. music Internet sites list!

  It’s noteworthy that such services will provide you will all kinds of songs no matter where they are from: movies, cartoons, or hits presented by singers just now. What’s more, you can never stop listening to them by choosing a convenient app. Those users, who enjoy following music charts, will be delighted to receive an access to them, as well as to news, photos, and clips on new tracks. Want to know the most visited music Internet websites? Keep reading!

  U.S. Music Sites Rating to Listen to New Hits!

  If you have always wanted to create your own station (yep, it sounds unbelievable!) with your favorite genres, pandora.com is for you! It offers to search for songs, artists, and songs to organize your personal station. Having a free version, it also renders paid functions like unlimited personalized stations or skips and replays, but for everyday ordinary usage a free alternative is more than enough. As the station search is based on your requirements, the offered variant will really fit your needs. We have checked it!

  Users, who prefer not only listening to music but also being aware of the latest hits and news, should pay their attention to billboard.com. This is the website where you will find all hot 100 tracks, podcasts, music charts, photos of singers (including intriguing rumors!), videos from concerts and clips, lists of artists, etc. It seems to be a big portal, covering almost everything connected with music – and that’s the truth!

  The service iheart.com reminds of the first site a bit as it offers to choose your favorite genres and organize stations, but it features its own radio, guest hours, special programs provided by M&M’s, streams, and news about singers, as well as sports. Besides, it organizes awesome events like Music Festival in Las Vegas or Fiesta Latina to have fun and hang out with your favorite singers! Hey, don’t miss this opportunity!