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  Most of the trends that become a mainstream come from the Internet. And video tubes sites are the easiest way to follow all of them. Why bother watching it? First, because sometimes you have only 5 minutes to ‘reboot’ yourself. Secondly, you don’t want more longreads to keep up with the latest news, but want to hear it in the background while dealing with your work. Finally, with the most popular video tubes you have all imaginable genres, from lifehack to adorable animal videos. For us it was enough to equip you with this category.

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  In case of Chinese visitors, we know their passion for various art forms, from photo to video. But obviously this is a ‘two-way dialogue’, not just taking, but also watching, as nobody else enjoys the category of the top video websites as much as these users do. As for the Russian visitors, they remain faithful to their preferences, having particular video tubes sites in the list of favorites. Speaking of newcomers among our usual audience, we may refer to users from Turkey and Japan being interested in the category. Why them? The culture of these countries is still very unique. So, maybe it’s just another step to see the real life of other people? As for the usual leaders from the USA, the category must be not so inspiring. Is the reason some world-renowned video resource?

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  If you still don’t use, we can't say what era you live in. The website has all imaginable functions, being multi-language, multiple-format, multiple-genre, from professional video content to the art of amateur film-makers. However, developers still keep improving functions for both sides – viewers and video creators.

  A French-origin is among the leaders of the rating of video websites. From a primitive service it has transformed to the international one. An interface has also evolved since its creation and now can even prioritize premium content along with the other functions for convenient viewing.

  As for the Chinese service, the key aspect is the theme. Initially the website focused on anime, comics and games. However, with the audience growing the variety of genres has increased now including dance, fashion, music, etc. For the total immersion in the atmosphere it uses a live streaming service. Thus, watching video has never being more interactive.

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