TOP popular Antivirus & Malware sites in United States

Sites in Market - 41, volume - 3167k visits a day. Relevant info on date: 2021.10.21

  U.S. Most Visited Antivirus & Malware Websites to Be Safe on the Web!

  If you want to feel protected like you know Captain America or Iron Man yourself, take your time and examine our top malware websites! Thanks to our set of services, you will be absolutely safe while surfing the Internet as they will provide you with a super power (or just a kind of it for sure!).

  Owing to U.S. antivirus websites list, you will be able to load as paid, so free software. Besides, most portals offer a free trial in order that you could estimate its functions and make sure of its necessity. To add to it, our malware sites rating is your key to total security, data safety, virus protection, and other services for home and business usage. With a great variety of products, it’s possible to find the one for your PC, smartphone, tablets, and other devices.

  U.S. Rated Antivirus & Malware Sites for Your Internet Protection!

  Let’s begin our set with While ordinary antivirus relies on signature-based technology, this service prefers to employ several technologies at once for a better protection. By rendering exploit mitigation, application hardening, payload analysis, and behavior monitoring, it guarantees bigger data. Well, it seems an interesting service with its own distinctive features, which is chosen by 290k+ users every day! This number impresses!

  Pretending to be a leader in cyber protection of the next generation, the resource really offers outstanding integrated products like Endpoint Security to save critical assets, Advanced Threat Protection for gaining control with multiple layers, and so on. In addition to malware services, the company is also orientated towards e-mail and cloud security, covering almost all Internet spheres. We like this multifunctional approach, and you?

  If you are looking for some smart solutions, take a glance at It offers intelligence services, discovering cloud-based protection and stopping threats in a real time. Taking care of every client, it disposes products for home and home office, as well as for business and partners. While its home versions guarantee lightning-fast scans and protection from identity theft, business products ensure you with predictive threat intelligence and simplified management. Thus, it may be called one more great service to pay your attention to!

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