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  Getting to the Bottom of the Best VPN Sites!

  Today the issue of the Internet security is critical. We created the category of the best VPN sites to facilitate your virtual ‘journey’. The need for reliable providers stems from a number of reasons. If you long an anonymous wandering, free proxy provides an incognito status. At the same time, the user is empowered to encrypt traffic that’s crucial for personal data protection, as well as to ‘cover the tracks’. Finally, we know how regional limits can mess our life. And sometimes it is the only chance to get to the required resource. However, to use it or not is a voluntary choice.

  Bypassing Regional Limits with the Best VPN Sites!

  The leader in the use of these resources is India. The government Internet policy is not so strict, although several large resources, mostly torrents and file-hosting services, have been blocked last years. Probably users are just looking for ways to get more access to media content. As for the USA visitors, they belong to the category with free access, however, they prefer anonymous ‘journeys’, maybe being focused on personal data security. If you look at the rating of the network freedom level, the United Kingdom is obviously the country that knows limits firsthand. Surprisingly, in terms of free VPN use, the interest is lower. Probably, the reason is their legal status. As for Pakistan that seems to be a discovery here and Australia, all Internet content is partly censored in these countries, so users apply to the best VPN sites form visit to visit.

  The picture below demonstrates the national percentage proportion of popularity in the subcategory ‘VPN Services’


Best VPN Sites ‒ statistical data of subcategory ratio among all free proxy services in diverse regions


  Top 10 Free Proxy Sites with Their Distinctive Features!


  When you require the most trusted leader in VPN, is here to offer a high speed, privacy, and security. Thanks to a powerful online connection and a supercharged version, a user can count on best-in-class encryption and unlimited bandwidth, accordingly. Among its products, there’re proxy services for desktops, smartphones, office networking, and more.


  If you need an unblock proxy via torrents, will satisfy you. It bypasses ISP block with the help of different URLs that are provided on the home page in a great variety. Wherever you are from, you will most likely find the service for you as they are given for all countries. Also, a user can submit an own free proxy and share it.


  Called the best VPN service provider in 2019, protects up to 6 devices at once and has 5,600 servers in more than 60 countries! Thanks to it, a user will enjoy double protection, military-grade encryption, and cybersecurity. Your IP address will be secured due to automatic kill switch and DNS leak protection. Thus, it’s a reliable VPN online!


  Interested in a free proxy site? Here is the one for you ‒ As it’s a gigabyte network, the more speed you have, the safer it will be to be online. The resource supports Facebook and YouTube, meaning that connection will be safe. In addition to this, a user will make use of anonymous browsing and bypassing filters. To get more privileges, one can decide on super VPN with monthly and yearly plans.


  Dream of breaking firewalls and censorships? With, you will receive website VPN proxy that goes for all types of services. For this reason, there are plugins for Chrome and Firefox, torrents, Jav, Android app, and much more. The portal updates services with online proxy on the regular basis; you can find them on the main page among news and recent posts.


  If you can’t select the particular and top VPN, offers you honest, committed, and useful tools to make the right decision. Among its tips and instruments, you will reveal top 10 best services for various devices and versions, secure VPN comparison, testing of firewalls, Bitcoin rate converter, and so on. All in all, it looks like an expert portal followed by true fans.


  If just fast VPN is not enough and suitable for you, turn to the fastest one ‒! It does for any blocked sites; you just should indicate its name in the search bar. The platform features no logs and hassle, that’s why it’s trusted by more than 15 million users! Everyone can try it for free and then choose a premium VPN service that renders unlimited data transfer, 5 simultaneous connections, and 57 locations worldwide.


  As the name says, it presents itself an ambitious web VPN, rendering 290 locations, P2P and streaming optimized, military-grade encryption, and a special approach to service provided on the whole. Owing to it, you can start streaming shows, enjoy classified-level security and VPN client protection for all devices! Seems intriguing, right?


  If you need a high-speed VPN connection, is a good decision here. It allows hiding online identity, securing your network, accessing blocked content, and so on. Being absolutely free, the service disposes all app and server-side features. So, it’s a multifunctional free web proxy that can be easily downloaded in 2 minutes.


  The service is known as free VPN proxy software that bypasses school, office, and university firewalls, and unblocks YouTube, Gmail, and Facebook. Options include URL and page encryption, removal of objects and scripts. Looking a bit old-fashioned, it remains a working and free proxy site that supports different video formats.

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