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  With lots of sites to get Lollywood and Punjabi movies, not all of them are trustworthy and comfortable enough to use on everyday basis. We’d like to be helpful for every our user, offering varied rated websites for the latest Pakistani movies download.

  You will be glad to know that free movie download from our site collection will give you an opportunity to enjoy films in a high-grade quality absolutely free of charge! The website collection is so imposing that you will most likely face the problem of choice than won’t find something worthy for this evening: from a Pakistani movie in Urdu to amazing Hollywood site thrillers. In addition to these website functions, you may also enjoy trailers in advance, read news and releases, as well as take part in forum discussions. Become absorbed in the world of the best movie download sites!

  Regional Features of Pakistani Movie Services

  If you haven’t heard of Lollywood or Urdu, then you are most likely not acquainted with this rich and original film industry and culture. Of course, Punjabi and other site movies are not as well-known as Bollywood, but it doesn’t mean that they’re worse. Pakistani movies download sites represent a unique caste of local directors and actors, special plots and scenarios, one-of-a-kind scenes and landscapes in the background. They deserve attention as all over film industries and their websites!

  Report of Movies Download Sites in Pakistan

  The collection of movie download sites in Pakistan consists of 183 websites; as a whole, they give 1,522 visits a day! To say that it’s an overwhelming site parameter is to say nothing! It contains such free movie download websites that are widely popular in India and some other countries all over the globe. To add to it, we would like to mark off 3 leading sites in the market that ensure 42%! Other top websites for free movie download in Pakistan cover from 1 to almost 5%.

  Local residents enjoy using sites to follow movie news and reviews, load and watch films online, and more. They find it a great pastime, especially if we talk about an HD movie download site, which contains both Lollywood and Bollywood premieres. As China is atop of this site list, Pakistan is 5 times lower. In the terms of population per head, it holds the 18th place and is bypassed by South Africa. As for other website parameters, Iran and Singapore seems to pass around Pakistan.

  Here you can see the picture ‒ statistical data of subcategory popularity in the category ‘Free Movie Download’ in Pakistan


Free Movie Download – share of the subcategory traffic in comparison to other movie subcategories of traffic values in Pakistan


  Legal Sites for Pakistani Movies All Collected Here!

  Enjoy Premium and Free Movie Download Site ‒!

  The 1st interesting free movie download portal for today in Pakistan is! It contains about 10,000 hours of your favorite Bollywood movies! This number is overwhelming just like other features of Pakistani movie download site: a big picture, offline watching, resume where you stopped, and availability on multiple devices. Being a leading provider of TV content in Pakistan and other countries, it disposes more than 47 million registered site users.

  A user is able as to get a free trial, so turn to Spuul Premium that renders 100 live TV channels in Pakistan and worldwide, more regional languages like Urdu, Punjabi, Marathi, record and watching options, etc. In order to start using this movie download site, one is to register and log in. By the way, a free site trial is accessible only for new users. When you become a Premium member, you get lots of benefits and privileges, that’s why it’s extremely popular in Pakistan.

  If you want to enjoy a seamless streaming experience and Pakistani movie download, choose the app that fits your device and get it from App Store, Google Play, Amazon, or Chromecast. All in all, the site features a simple interface with main functions and no extra details; thus, it won’t take you long to cope with functionality. Also, Pakistani movies download takes just minutes, proving a client-oriented website approach!

  Live Streaming and Geo News about Pakistan at!

  If you appreciate Pakistani live TV, movies like drama, cricket highlights, and news, will fit you perfectly! It’s one of the best movie download sites in Pakistan since it partners with 30+ broadcast and media providers all over the country to offer high-quality TV content.

  Its sections consist of Pakistan with politics, entertainment, technology, culture, law, etc. and world. Each category offers a list of videos to watch. If one decides on separate site blocks like sports, programs, or viral, he will get a mine of interesting topics and themes. Though this portal is different from ordinary free movies download websites in Pakistan, it appears to be worthy and reliable one. Don’t want to miss current news? Take a look at the corresponding site section that is quickly updated. Prefer some featured sections of the free movie download portal? Get it full of unique website sections and languages the news is translated into (Punjabi, English, Urdu, and more).

  It’s worth mentioning that the main categories are accessible as in the form of topic above the home page, so provided in detail along it. What’s more, everyone is able to adore live TV and channels; pay attention that these options are mostly chargeable at this Pakistani movie site. For comfort of the use, this payment is charged from a mobile balance. Another convenient tool at the Pakistani movie website is the search bar that allows spending less time on finding the desired film or news.

  Bollywood and Pakistani News, Movie Reviews, and Photos at

  One more worthy site in the list of our free movie download portals is! As the previous one, it could hardly be called a specialized movie download website on the reason that it delivers Bollywood, Lollywood, and Punjabi news, box office, movie reviews, and even intriguing photos. It positions itself as the website that shows everything inside Bollywood; so, let’s look at it.

  Exciting titles and images arrest attention at first glance while sections above this Pakistani movies site put everything right. For instance, box office contains hits and flops, the best of overseas, all-time grossers in Pakistan, the highest weekend, and more. The section of the free movie download site called ‘News & Gossip’ includes, as you might guess, the most thrilling rumors from Bollywood and Lollywood. Power index is devoted to filmometer, a provider of the biggest hits, flops, and average movies of Punjabi and other actors, and data about directors in Pakistan. The section of the movie download website with reviews covers as films, so web, music, trailers, and box office.

  If you appreciate some outstanding site categories, Bigg Boss and Poll’19 are created just for you! Besides, the website pays special attention to trending topics in Pakistan by opening this very section full of the most popular topics and news. As for visuals, you are able to watch trailers, listen to songs, follow actors, and get promos and photo features.

  Talking about languages, this top movie download site is accessible in English and Urdu to be available in Pakistan and worldwide.

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