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  Subcategory of Free Online Movies Sites in United Arab Emirates

  Are you mad about online films in the United Arab Emirates? Our rating of Free Online Movies sites might become your discovery for all cases! They collect services that go for online watching by giving an opportunity to obtain the best films in the United Arab Emirates in the size and format you want. In most cases, they also represent series and cartoons to adore online as well.

  The subcategory itself is atop of other 9 sections among all Movies websites in the United Arab Emirates: it holds the 1st place whereas the 2nd position belongs to Free Movies Download in the region. It seems to be rather evident as two best subcategories enjoy a wide popularity as in the United Arab Emirates, so worldwide. On the whole, the Top numbers 81 sites, which altogether provide 3.3 million views per month!

  Let’s turn to such an important aspect as subcategory popularity with respect to other regions in absolute terms. Online Movies take the 36th place among 83 regions taken into account. The rating demonstrates that the Top remains behind South Korea; at the same time, it takes the lead over Austria. Considering population and involvement into Internet community, the subcategory occupies the 4th place in the United Arab Emirates.

  Movie Site Traffic and Ranking in the United Arab Emirates

  It’s high time to move to such a parameter as the traffic share. According to it, the Top of Free Online Movies holds the 1st place in the United Arab Emirates in the category of Movies. Here the traffic volume amounts to 29.7% while the traffic share of regional websites shows the following results: 70% of it comes up to first 20 sites of the subcategory. It’s worth mentioning that they are bound to the contents and topic on the whole since online films are extremely widespread in the region.

  Taking a look at top and the best websites in the United Arab Emirates, we should mark off 123movies that bears the name of Top 1 movie site in the rating. It ensures 18% of website traffic in the subcategory of the United Arab Emirates. It’s popular for HD films online that are divided by genres, country, and A-Z list. Besides, it contains movie news that might be interesting and up-to-date.

  We would like to note the best and popular websites with dominating regional traffic that also specialize in movies, series, cartoons, and others in HD format available for watching online. They include gomovies, Bolly2tolly, Tinyzone, and Aramosalsal.

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