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  Top Indian Music Info Portals Sites to Keep in Touch with News!

  Do you like to read news from the music world, visit official websites of artists or live events? Get to know with viewed music info portals sites! They are devoted to music and all aspects, happening in the sphere, that’s why we’ve decided to organize services in a convenient way – categorized and rated at your disposal!

  The best Indian music info portals websites are devoted to music in all senses: from tops and mixes to live videos and official pages of your favorite stars. It’s like a big database of amazing services to read interesting reviews, listen to upcoming premieres, and participate in events, conferences, and webinars. So, rated music info portals Internet sites are not only the chance to become closer to artists but dare to be a part of this world by buying tickets, visiting concerts, and even adding your songs for a big audience! Take this chance!

  Indian Music Info Portals Websites List You Will Be Surprised at!

  The first service that is worth considering is It presents playlists, various genres (from rock to Indie), learning guides to play instruments, and gear to get to know with true legends and interesting articles or videos on the topic. Thus, it can be called a kind of a big musical encyclopedia you may be interested in. It’s a great resource to explore your musicality and become a part of a bit creative industry!

  If you like to read cute music facts and stories, turn to This portal seems to be more limited in content in comparison with other services, but it’s still worth using! Have you ever known that Fall out Boy is inspired by Uma Thurman or have you tried to answer all questions about Bob Dylan’s biography? That is why this resource is so popular ‒ it’s unique in its options and provides data you could hardly find anywhere else!

  Are you a true fan of the Grateful Dead? Applaud then! We have found an official site of this American rock band that contains its almanac, all archives of songs and videos, singers of all ages, and forums to discuss albums and band’s creative work. It’s noteworthy that the portal also provides the store to buy printed fan clothes, books, and cute things for home with symbolism. Thus, it seems to be a well-organized service for band’s fans!

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