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  Weather Forecast Sites – Be Informed of Any Climate Changes!

  The weather forecast has become such an essential part of our lives that you check it every time you go out of doors. It seems to be a good decision for most users as it also informs of hail, wind strengthening, and even tornadoes in regions that suffer from them. Still, some people consider it a waste of time since such local weather sites are not always accurate or timely. Get to know with some of them in order to estimate it from both sides!

  Which Countries Prefer to Be Aware of Local Weather?

  Let’s analyze why citizens of some countries turn to weather forecast more often than others. The 1st place belongs to the Unites States because of its geographical location. Tornadoes, storms, and subtropical rains are just some reasons for monitoring forecasts from time to time. Russia also refers to this list as weather seems to be more and more unpredictable, that’s why citizens all over the country prefer to take umbrellas or put on pullovers in advance. The 3rd place is occupied by Germany; this country never stops carrying out different researches in order to estimate influence of temperature and pressure changes on people’s condition. Japan, with its island location, feels need in a timely forecast as this geo may be dangerous while citizens of Italy mostly apply to it to make sure when it’s better to go sailing and sunbathing!

  This picture below demonstrates the national percentage proportion of popularity in the subcategory ‘Weather’


Weather Forecast Sites – statistics of subcategory ratio among world and local weather websites in different regions


  Top 10 Weather Forecast Sites – Get the Best of the Best!


  If you require as current weather, so local radars, daily updates, and hurricane information, is recommended for you. It covers countries all over the globe, meaning that it speaks your language and can provide you with actual weather report. Today, hourly, 5-day, 10-day, weekend, monthly – you can see the forecast with such a periodicity as you need.


  The portal is oriented towards Russia and close countries like Ukraine, Poland, Latvia, etc. It offers a convenient weather map, news, cloudiness, air temperature, and other data. Thanks to different apps for all devices, one can follow weather forecast wherever he is! Therefore, it’s client-oriented resource to follow weather now and here!


  The portal fascinates at first glance by its satellites on the home page that reflect weather live format. It distinguishes itself by a search bar where a user may indicate a location and a zip code. Other sections include maps, news, videos, and even podcasts. The latter represent behind-the-scenes data on trending topics by a weather station.


  Though the platform mostly covers local weather in Ukraine, it still has a lot of sections and forecasts in Russia. In addition to ordinary temperature and pressure parameters, it delivers such interesting topics as national weather news, e.g. customs, religious events, and traditions. Besides, it specializes in specific themes and regions, allowing following news in the particular city, resort, or place.


  The resource distinguishes itself from similar live weather radars by its own sensor network and an opportunity to contact a weather station and a webcam. In addition to this, it renders maps, severe weather forecast, news, blogs, and much more. If one wants to follow all these data at his device, there are personalized weather apps for current conditions, customizable graphs, etc., depending on the particular service.


  Another intriguing platform for weather today is known as Being a kind of network, it represents forecasts by days and locations, videos, a photo gallery, and a search bar to look for place you’re keen on. In addition to habitual maps, you may count on roads that are shown by the weather satellites to warn and inform in case of weather dangers.


  If you require a today’s weather report in Germany, will fit you in all senses! This portal is oriented towards local regions, covering maps, news, videos, skiing resorts, and such features as tips on vacation and traveling. It seems to be a helpful resource with hourly weather and webcams to see everything with your worn eyes! That’s convenient, right?


  When you prefer original sources of information, the portal is at your service! It constitutes a national weather forecast service that delivers as atmospheric, so oceanic data. Among its sections, you will find out active alerts, air quality, rivers, lakes, and rainfalls, weather radar maps, and so on. With all this coverage, the portal is detailed and customized to the maximum!


  Being a multilingual service, is another official source of the Norwegian Meteorological Institute. Thus, it offers weather radar by days, maps, recent observations, UV forecasts, bathing temperature, climate statistics, and more data mostly in Norway but worldwide as well. Also, a user can read news and become aware of weather alerts both at the site and in social media.


  As most services for local weather forecast render temperature and similar data, also specializes in natural disasters and seasonal changes. This Japanese current weather radar gives lots of data to read and follow, becoming a well-structured and detailed informative portal. Also, it will help you to organize perfect weekends with the help of tips in relation to weather forecast.

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