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  GPS and interactive maps are essential parts of many travels and trips as they make you feel confident even in unknown and new places. Whereas some users make use of world map countries and enjoy all benefits, others still feel confused while turning to them. In order to ease it for everyone, we’d like to present the most interesting resources and tools for you. Get ready to plan your route with a comfortable navigation!

  Which Countries Can’t Be without World Map Countries?

  The analysis of countries that prefer world map countries sites comes to the most visited ones and highly respected by tourists. It’s not a surprise that the Unites States are in the lead with their boundless roads and great opportunities even for the most habitual travelers. Just remember the Grand Canyon or New York! The 2nd place is deserved by India, whose citizens and guests find it more convenient to make sure of the route and then follow it. Another state here is the Czech Republic that is considered to be one of the most magical destinations in the world! For this reason, driving directions are necessary here. France with its lovely Provence and other places is also presented here while China finishes our list owing to sought-after sights!

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Maps Sites – statistics of subcategory ratio among world map countries websites in different regions


  Top 10 Maps Websites – Plan your Ideal Route!


  The portal represents a global service to track flights and directions. Providing real-time information, it follows more than 180,000 flights from 4,000 different airports worldwide. In case of any delays, a user can make sure of it. It seems to be a customized service thanks to a large global map on the home page.


  If you want to plan maps directions, will be helpful in it, offering a route planner, booking of hotels and cars, etc. As the service is oriented towards clients, it renders tutorial hints, creating your own plan, printing or sharing it. Due to additional functions like a traffic map online, you will always be aware of the situation on the road.


  Need a big world map repository? The resource is designed just for this: states, cities, utilities, and other sections devoted to India. Following its channel, one will be aware of sports, business, education, and other spheres of the country. There is a special category for those who like travel directions since it covers hotels, tourist and religious places, beaches, etc. on the maps.


  The service satisfies you at first glance, starting to speak your language automatically. It constitutes a public transit guide with live maps and built-in solutions like detailed itineraries, get-off alerts, and 1-tap maps driving directions. Thus, you can easily install an app and make use of its tools that are already trusted by 550 million riders!


  Another customized road map service is known as Though it presents itself a Czech resource, it opens your location at once with no need to indicate your geo. It seems to be a good benefit in addition to planning options, lots of facilities you can also find, and 3D view of any place. Get its mobile 3D map to always be informed!


  The site will be handy if you speak Chinese. It operates only in this language; thus, it might be a challenge for other users. Still, it’s a working location map with lots of features and categories to choose and sort out the best variants for you. If you want to save some maps or map your walk, it will do for you perfectly, giving an opportunity to make it at your account.


  Wikimapia, known as, serves as a big portal that describes the whole world! Your location is determined as soon as you open it while lots of categories ease your search. Cities, lakes, establishments, cafes, hotels – decide on the place you need and save your time by narrowing the search. A user can also add objects to GIS and GPS maps.


  Would like to see 5 million different places near you? This opportunity is given to you by – a French road trip planner. It covers as local cities with detailed analysis, including parking and station services, so towns worldwide. With live traffic map, it becomes a discovery for both travelers and drivers.


  Are you from Kazakhstan? Then meets your requirements, being oriented only towards this local topographic map. It offers as drugstores, hotels, cafes, shops, so weather forecasts. It seems to be a pleasant bonus when you plan your day. Also, every user can take part in competitions as a special agent and win prizes! Therefore, it’s very interesting and worthy route map.


  If the best globe map for you is the one created by ordinary users, seems perfect for you! It really can be edited and updated by everyone, meaning that its maps might be detailed to the maximum yet not approved by authorities. Still, it has lots of users that are glad to improve it with their own diaries. Get more experience in addition to ordinary maps and directions!

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